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Witcher 3 devs know fans will hate them if they abandon the franchise.

CEO Adam Kiciński has just revealed a few more details about CD Projekt’s future plans

An interview with Polish financial site Strefainwestorow, Kiciński says:

Cyberpunk will be much bigger in scope and higher quality than The Witcher 3, which would be an impressive feat.

No details about if the game will have multiplayer. But he does say the team are happy with the game’s current shape and are eager to show it off. Next year E3 seems to be the perfect candidate for such reveal.

While there’s little to say about Cyberpunk, there’s some interesting detail about The Witcher. Witcher 3 was indeed the end of a trilogy, and there are no plans for a fourth game , but it’s certainly possible we’ll see different games set in the world of the Witcher going forward. CD Projekt still have the rights to the franchise, and Kiciński says fans – and investors – won’t forgive them if the studio abandon it altogether.

With so much controversy surrounding Loot boxes and Microtransaction, CD Projekt are some of the most prolific supporters of traditional, single-player gaming. Gwent is their entry into the games as service model and It indeed served as a lesson about creating multiplayer games, and was designed for deep integration into GOG Galaxy on both PC and other platforms.

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