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This winter Hunt: Showdown gets several alpha tests – here’s how to sign up

“After initial tests with a very limited amount of players we are planning to invite more and more testers with each phase,” says producer Fatih Özbayram. “This is the first step in building a close relationship with our community and integrating their feedback into our development process, something we plan on continuing – and intensifying – during Early Access.” -Crytek

You can sign up for the closed alpha, and learn more about the game, on Hunt: Showdown’s website. If you need a reason to do so, here’s a quick catch-up: Hunt: Showdown is a bounty hunting sim in which several teams of bounty hunters enter a creepily beautiful Weird West setting in pursuit of a marked monster. You’ll have to face the other hunters as well as PvE mobs. Should you take down the big prize, it’s not over: you need to escape from the map safely to ‘bank’ your win, only now you have to do so with the other hunters chasing after you.

The game from the trailers and screenshots look amazing, so I’m looking forward to hearing more. We’ll let you know as soon as the alpha tests have launch dates. In the meantime, here’s Hunt’s early access page.

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