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Wi-Tribe 4.5G LTE Review: 3 Months of Happiness, Lifetime of Frustrations

Many gamers in Pakistan are concerned about whether to get Zong 4G or PTCL. Zong 4G for its’ amazing upload and download speeds but the setback being limited bandwidth; or PTCL for its affordable nature, but at the cost of random disconnections. Out of all the Internet Service Providers, “Wi-Tribe” came out and announced 4.5G LTE with speeds going as high as 200 Mbps. Even I myself was shocked to see this, and immediately checked if it were available in my area, which it was. I took up Wi-Tribes’ connection, and after using it for 3 months, I feel like I am in a suitable position to give my “review.” So is it the best ISP for gamers? or should you completely stay away from it? Read ahead to find out.

Does it truly provide 200Mbps Speed?

Short Answer : NO!

But to be honest with you, after I paid 10,000 PKR, and got the 250GB bandwidth subscription/package (just to test it out and see if it worked or not), surprisingly at first, it did work. Normally I was getting speeds around 25.89 Mbps download and 14.58 Mbps upload. Downloading games from Xbox or Steam felt really good. Games that took 2 days previously, now only took about 7-8 hours. Ping in games like Battlefield One, TitanFall 2 and Fortnite (just to name a few) was around 110-125ms. I was so happy with Wi-tribe that I started recommending it to my friends, and even upgraded from the 250GB bandwidth to the 1 terabyte package. I had finally found the best internet in Pakistan, or at least I thought I did. The first month being a trial period, passed, and with it I also lost the validity of returning the device in case it didn’t work as marketed.“ why do I need to return this Holy grail?” I thought to myself. Next month, it worked fine but I noticed that the speeds had dropped from the prior 24 Mbps, to 17 Mbps. I wasn’t bothered as much because I was still getting 17 Mbps. This negligence was the biggest mistake I made.

December started, and with it, all the problems. The speeds dropped from 17Mbps to freaking 3Mbps. I called the customer care and they told me “It’s the minimum speed we offer, you can’t get lower than that.” I checked my router and I was getting 2-3 bars (1 bar means, ok but terrible internet; 2 bars mean, internet is good; 3 bars means, awesome internet; 4 bars means, max speed) with 2 bars being constant,but for the past 2 months I was getting 3 bars and 17-24 Mbps. So why the sudden change in speeds from a company that advertises it as 200 Mbps “4.5G LTE” ?


During all of this, my device stopped working. I called the Customer care again and went through all the “Restart, Unplug, Pull the Sim out, Repeat” steps and finally, after 35 minutes, the guy told me to go to a customer care centre, and get the device replaced. He told me “Device replacements are free, even if it’s a software related issue. It will be fixed for free.” So the next day, I took the device to the customer care and told the customer care guy about the faulty device. He tested it himself, and after seeing I wasn’t lying, he issued me a replacement, but asked for 1,000 rupees, upon which I informed him that the guy on the phone told me that “All replacements are free”, to which he replied, “Arey bahi agar yeh customer care waloon ki batoon per yakeen karney lag parhey, to bus chal gaya yeh business. That is not the case but I will try to make this replacement free”. He was successful in doing so, and I went back home with a “working device”. Upon reaching home, I fired up the device. (not literally, for now)

  • Router working fine? Check.
  • 3 bar signal strength? Check
  • Speed test? 0.90Mbps Dafudge!!!!

Yes, you read that right. My speed dropped from 24 Mbps, to 0.90 Mbps in a matter of 2 months and 15 days. I did a little research on my own, and realized that some ISPs throttle your download speed without informing you because they think you wouldn’t even notice this. Getting speeds like 24 Mbps during the first 2 months, and dropping as low as 0.90 at the end, clearly indicates that Wi-Tribe could indeed be throttling download speeds without informing their customers.

Their might be a bug and the Customer Support can fix it. Right?

Since December 15, I’ve called them countless times, and all the guy on the other side told me was “Try changing your location, Try Restarting it, Try unplugging it for 5 Minutes” to which I politely told him that I did, and I am getting 3 bars. Frustrated with Call Support, I tried their Live Chat. Every single guy there told me, “But 3Mbps is the minimum we can provide”. (btw they never disclose this when selling you the device.) I tried contacting them on their facebook page, and they told me to fill a form, which I did but hadn’t got a reply back yet. I tried the Call support again, and this time the guy told me that, “We have noted your complaint and a representative will contact you in 4 hours and will come at your place to fix the issue.”

2 days have passed, and I’ve got no calls from them. I called them again and the guy told me, “I can’t help you because our service is upgrading, please call back tomorrow”, which I did. Since that day every time I call customer care, the guy tells me the same tale, “Please call back tomorrow because our service is upgrading”. It’s 1st January now, and I just got an email from them saying, “Please pay your bill by 10 January to continue using the 4.5G LTE experience”. Seriously Wi-Tribe? Your services are upgrading so you can’t help me, but your automated billing system is fully working? If you want my hard earned money, atleast provide me with what I’m paying for.


Do not buy this 4.5G LTE scam, it’s not worth your money. At first, it might give some really awesome downloading and uploading speeds that will tempt you to purchase it, but trust me, it’s not worth it. They might start throttling your speeds, and all you will be left with is regret.

I am extremely frustrated as this has not only ruined gaming for me but also has caused a hindrance to my everyday-life entertainment and work.

I’m just telling you from my experience, that after wasting about 25000 rupees, I am asking you to not buy from Wi-Tribe until they fully fix their Customer Support and properly provide boosters in the supported areas.

Stop supporting these backstabbing ISP’s, Vote with your wallet.

If you have any question regarding this review let me know by emailing me at :

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  1. This is the reason we as a nation are lagging so behind.These idiots throttle the speeds thinking that the end user who spent alot didn’t know about this.These marketing gimmicks of 4.5 G lte is all gup shup.May they rot in hell.Do not use these sub standard services like witribe.

  2. Good read, however im still stuck at the point that u were getting 24 Mbps so they can give it.
    Plz post the facebook messages screenshots, so the World could see what they really are!

  3. They are bas…. i also purchased mine and 0.5mbps max speed I throw it on their head next day. If you need any help let me know i will go with you in lahore center for refund.

  4. Dude! you just save me from a lot of hassle and frustration i was about bring upon myself. I actually bought WiTribe 3G couple days ago and returned it today… i wasn’t getting any signals, I live in Surjani Town. P.S. they don’t have any sort of coverage in surjani town.

    They returned the device surprisingly without hassle! I got my 2750 back. But I received a call from “head office” a guy was claiming I will get decent speeds if i consider LTE-A device and told me he can visit my apartment in couple hours. Since my PTCL was down for 3 days and I have WFH job.. I always felt I need a secondary connection. So I confirmed him and he came after 2 hours. He bring both 3g and LTE-A devices along and tested both… No luck with 3G but after changing a location he showed me how signals improved for LTE-A device and i can get it… but I wanted to test the internet speed first. He told me to activate the device and pay him 4000 LOL I told him to bring the activated device so I can run speed tests and see if this is gonna work for me. Clearly not!

    My PTCL 8MB is kickass and it works most of the times (“keep in touch” with linemen :D) but I am thinking about getting a Zong device because these are the only people in Pakistan who really bring the best of the internet. I have been using Zong since the Day 1 (I was Paktel’s customer, meh…i know right?).

    Anyway, thanks for the review, you saved the day yo!


    • Thanks alot for sharing brother. it really helped me. i was going to purchase it tomrrow but I had a little idea about them, secondly why would zong sell it for 2500 for 65Gb and they are selling in really cheap prices. they r a total scaM!

  5. Thanks a lot for sharing your concern, I was just googling ” Witribe LTE review” and found your article. Very disappointing indeed (Customer Service)… But if you haven’t returned the device , please tell me how can contact you ..

    P.S .. I am not Support Agent 😛

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