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Unlike Destiny, Anthem will offer both First person and Third Person mode.

According to a new job ad at Bioware

If you have played destiny then you know that the game limits you to play in only First Person while in combat whereas switches to third-person while in Social Space and this has bugged a lot of players. Well, Anthem a direct competitor of Destiny will offer you both First Person and Third person mode.

According to a new job ad, BioWare is looking to hire a principal gameplay designer specifically for Anthem and interestingly enough one the requirements for the applicant is to have an exceptional hands-on experience with game mechanics in First and Third person.

Since Battlefront another game running on Frostbite features both camera perspective seems to run well, it’s safe to assume that the same could be the case with the upcoming Bioware game running on the same engine competing directly with Destiny.

The game was recently delayed and the pressure us high on the developers to meet the game expectations. Will Bioware finally deliver after ME;A went flop? Let us know in the comments down below

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