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Titanfall Online by Nexon features a cowboy and an adorable cat mech?

EA has partnered with Nexon to release free-to-play version of TitanFall for the Asian markets, particularly South Korea.

Nexon has just revealed some key art for the game. Unveiled as part of the upcoming G-Star event, the new art features some things that might seem a bit out of place in Titanfall’s traditional, gritty, future military universe.

We just got our first look at a ninja punk woman as part of the universe, but what about the young woman piloting an adorable cat mech?

Then there’s a robot cowboy pilot. It would be really fun using a Grapple hook while dressed up as a cowboy navigating from one mech to another, farming all the batteries and tossing all the nades as you can. SWEET!

Judging from the concept art the game looks cool and fun and i won’t mind if Respawn decides to feature such mechs and pilots in TitanFall 2

What do you think?

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