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Do you consider ‘one-trick’ players toxic in Overwatch?

If you’re not familiar with the term “One-Tricking”, it’s when a player sticks to just One hero no matter what the circumstances ... Read more

A CRPG by ex-Witcher developers “Seven: the Days Long Gone”

Announced back in August 2015, A bunch of ex Witcher III developers have joined to make an isometric RPG renaissance. Studio Fool’s theory founded by ... Read more

Dotnod Vampyr needs to sell a million copies to be considered a success, no DLC planned either.

Vampyr is an RPG where you play as a vampire and the universe reacts to your decisions, coming out next year for ... Read more

Titanfall Online by Nexon features a cowboy and an adorable cat mech?

EA has partnered with Nexon to release free-to-play version of TitanFall for the Asian markets, particularly South Korea. Nexon has just revealed ... Read more

Discord now lets you join your friends’ games from the app

It’s already possible to see which games your Discord friends are playing within the app via its status feature. and now discord is ... Read more