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    Fans are remaking P.T and it looks Gorgeous

    P.T has to be one of the greatest surprise in the history of Video game promotion, until the actual game was canned and the teaser was removed from the store and it’s whole existence was thrown into a Black hole never to be remembered. Although there are some methods that you can use to get […] More

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    Big Ant brings back Tennis games with AO Tennis on Current-Gen

    Melbourne-based sports game developer Big Ant Studios has finally released the first tennis game on Xbox One and Ps4. It’s the first tennis game officially licensed to the Australian Open, each stadium used in the Australian Open was recreated for the game. According to Big Ant Studios the game will be the first of its […] More

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    The Complete Lore of Assassin Creed

    Just played Assassin Creed Origins and realized the Amunet you saw in AC II is the same that you just played as or want to know about every key event that happened in the Assassin Creed Universe? We have put together every timeline and biggest events according to the lore. The whole thing is really […] More

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    Wi-Tribe 4.5G LTE Review: 3 Months of Happiness, Lifetime of Frustrations

    Many gamers in Pakistan are concerned about whether to get Zong 4G or PTCL. Zong 4G for its’ amazing upload and download speeds but the setback being limited bandwidth; or PTCL for its affordable nature, but at the cost of random disconnections. Out of all the Internet Service Providers, “Wi-Tribe” came out and announced 4.5G […] More

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