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Square Enix’s Avengers Game Will Follow It’s Own Gaming Universe

News Details Emerge for Marvel’s Upcoming Avenger Game

The Avengers project by Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics is beginning to take shape and production is gaining significant momentum

Recently news broke out that the studio has hired 15 “top industry talents” to help development on their much anticipated release (including veteran ex-Naughty Dog and Visceral Games staff, no less) Thankfully more new information has now surfaced and it’s definitely got us excited.

From what we understood the Game will have a  “new and original” narrative that will be filled with a lot of characters and enviroments for us to explore. Imagine this as a Destiny but in Marvel Universe, that gamers can play in for years to come. Since SE is looking into GaaS (Games as a service model) we might not see a sequel of this project instead we will get a continual stream of DLC and events to help keep fans engaged, even though some people are growing wearisome of GaaS.

“We’re committed to delivering an incredible, completely original Avengers experience to our gamers, and that means we are always looking to add amazing developers to our existing best in class studio talent,” said Scot Amos, Co-Head of Studio at Crystal Dynamics. “As development progresses, our studio continues to grow. The tremendous progress we’ve made on The Avengers Project further drives us toward our goal of crafting something all Marvel fans will be proud of, and will play for years to come. We can’t wait to show you what we mean in the future.”

We’ve got our fingers crossed for the Avengers Project, even though comic book to video game adaptations are rushed to release with little consideration for the final product. Just look at any X-men or Wolverine game for an example. However, this one’s shaping up to be super promising and we can’t wait to play it

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