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Split-screen multitasking in tablet mode coming soon to Pixelbooks.

Google’s Pixelbook currently offers the best Chrome OS experience you can find, if you have spare $999 to spend. But the device does have some issues that need to be fixed. One thing to point out is that while in Tablet mode the OS lacks multitasking, After the update to Chrome OS 64, We are glad that this issue is finally being addressed

Discovered by a Chrome fanatic François Beaufort, you can now enable Split View multitasking in tablet mode by enabling a flag within the Dev Channel for Chrome OS.

The flag is labeled as chrome://flags/#enable-tablet-splitview, and once enabled, all you have to do is tap the overview icon to see which windows are open and then move them to the side to snap them in place and run two tabs at once in tablet mode.

Currently only chrome browser supports Split view, so no you can’t yet run two android apps side-by-side. Granted it is disappointing but still it’s a step in the right direction for Chrome OS.

Keep an eye out because we don’t really know when google will offically allow us to use the feature without enabling the developer flag.

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