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“Assassin creed 3” a great case study for Pakistani developers

It’s been almost 6 years since Assassin creed 3 was released and by now I’m sure all of you have played it, so you have a clear idea about what we are going to discuss.

Lets just be clear before we start discussing on this topic that this article is not about if you enjoyed the game or not but about the project as a whole, the way it was developed, the way the whole project was handled and why people hated it so much. Since we have that out of the way lets begin.

Never have ridiculous unrealistic expectations with your project.

Source: iDreamCareer

One of the many mistakes Ubisoft made with Assassin creed 3 was to have huge unrealistic expectations with their game basing the entire setting surrounding the “Revolutionary War” and by making the character an American Indian, they thought that people would  see them as this company who care about the setting by including an often neglected party in the great struggles of that period. But Connor Kenway turned out to be an American exceptionalist who was co-opted into a historical period where he shouldn’t exist and that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way even though Ubisoft had good intentions it didn’t worked out in the end, with people scratching their heads once the narrative shifted from Haytham to Conner.

Make sure everyone on the team is aware of every mechanic being worked on in the game.


While developing Assassin creed 3 a major problem the development team had was that the team working on small aspect of the game found out about new features added into the game that they were completely unaware of and such features also needed a lot of attention because they were not properly implemented, so at that point they couldn’t do anything about it because the game was nearing launch.

It’s crazy when you think about it that the area that Team One was working on (Caravan) were completely unaware of what Team Two (Homestead) was doing even though they were from the same studio, resulting in that portion of the game not to follow major elements from the game.

The game had the worst UI, the worst gameplay mechanics and the worst narrative all because all the teams kept to themselves and were not allowed to discuss anything about the project inside/outside the office.

If you start working on a certain feature finish it, don’t leave it at the end of development phase.

Source: Youtube

The homestead economy, weapon crafting, hunting, board games, large action set piece near the Haytham boss fight was entirely cut 2 weeks before the game went gold. Reason?

Well it all was pushed till the end of development and at that point their was no time to polish them or finish it, and if that wasn’t bad enough. Cut scenes, animations and audio were not implemented right before the game went gold and it just such a shit storm that test teams were often waiting for more content to be added so they can approve it and while all that was happening the thousands of issues they pointed out was being flagged out as “Won’t fix” due to time constraints.

Astagfirullah Ubisoft!

Always consider working on newer hardware instead of going for the weaker option.

Source: Jsonfine

Its was the first project being made on the new AnvilNext engine which was pretty much designed with next-gen consoles and future tech pc in mind and was the reason why the Xbox360 and PS3 had game breaking glitches and the infamous PS3 version loading screen being stuck was just to name a few. The engine tried to push everything it possibly could but the last-gen console were to much under powered to process all the tasks.

Source: reddit

Got a better case study? Let me know in the comments down below.

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  1. Worst article , as a gamer we dont give a shit, where game develop in which studio,
    Or does developers were allowed to discuus or not,
    Main things is we want end result , game play , story ,
    Ac3 was the best after AC2
    why don’t you develop any game like ac3 and shared with us ?

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