With the advent of the Pakistan Gaming Lounge (PGL) and ESN, Pakistan now has its very own online servers dedicated to promoting and organizing E-Sport within the country. It features many international tournaments, discussion polls, guidelines, and much resourceful information for the gaming community.  This offers a unique platform to the country’s gaming community to socialize and interact.  A lot of professional gamers were invited through these platforms as Musawer “Ghost” Khan and Shiraz “Sh1zzy” Akhter from the Dota 2 community. Abdul “HSB” Haseeb from the CS:GO community were also at the Gaming Summit 2017.

This is just the beginning and to answer why Pakistan desperately needs more E-Sport events, well there are multiple benefits to this. Let’s have a look:

It’s an important step in the development of E-sport in Pakistan

By now we desperately need a platform where our young generation can play and satisfy their competitive instinct. Pakistan has a majority of population from age 10 to 30, that are professional, semi-professional that need a platform to prove their skills. There has not been much development in major international tournaments although in some of them Pakistanis have participated as an international team. PGL’s offer newcomers and professional players a platform that, helps them showcase their talents, and get recognized for the hard work they have put into gaming for years.

You can now earn if you’re good at a game

Earning through video games has been very popular these days as “Sumail Hassan” who is a Karachi based teen earned $200,000 back in 2015 after participating in Asian Championship held in China playing Dota 2  and he was just 15 years old at that time, now he has been playing in various E-sport tournaments internationally with his team Evil Geniuses as he was recruited in-house gaming league in North America. He is not the only one as Yawar Hassan aka YawaR, Waqas Ali aka WhiteAshX, Zan Mian aka ZingersaMa are also earning handsomely through E-sports.

It can be beneficial for this country’s economy

Just like the other sports, E-Sports are also streamed live via Twitch which has given them more popularity and success than ever. With development of E-Sport, there have been more opportunities in this sector to earn revenues. According to some reports, the global E-Sports market generated US$325 million of revenue in 2015 and is expected to grow more, the global E-Sport audience in 2015 was 226 million people. In Pakistan, this E-Sport development is going to be successful according to the trends and follow ups, If marketed right.

Like any other business, bringing foreigners into Pakistan through E-Sport can make up a better image in their eye about this country. It could make new opportunities for them. It also shows we have scope for further development.

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