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    Rumor: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is this year’s COD

    We all know that this year Treyarch is handling Call of Duty and so it’s probably no surprise to learn that rumours are pegging the identity of the project as none other than Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. According to industry tipster, Marcus Sellars  it’ll also hit the Switch in addition to PS4, PC, and Xbox One. […] More

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    Square Enix’s Avengers Game Will Follow It’s Own Gaming Universe

    The Avengers project by Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics is beginning to take shape and production is gaining significant momentum Recently news broke out that the studio has hired 15 “top industry talents” to help development on their much anticipated release (including veteran ex-Naughty Dog and Visceral Games staff, no less) Thankfully more new information has now surfaced […] More

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    Guy spend $61,000 on a Counter Strike:GO skin, Regrets nothing.

    Because of the Counter-strike: Global Offensive ELEAGUE Major: Boston, someone purchased a weapon skin for the game’s signature AWP sniper rifle for what could be the most money ever paid for an in-game item, even more than the time someone spent a shit ton on Mass Effect loot boxes. The Item here is a skin for The […] More

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    Overwatch’s Lunar New Year event is coming back next week

    Next Week Overwatch’s Lunar New Year event is coming back, Since this year the year of Dog expect some canine-related Content. Blizzard announced via twitter that Overwatch’s Year of the Dog Lunar New Year event will begin on February 8. Unfortunately the tweet did not give any information about what new content players can expect. and […] More

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    Sadly Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite has Flopped

    Today Capcom has announced that  Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite sold significantly fewer copies than originally anticipated. Capcom’s latest financial reports reveal that the studio sold one million copies of the fighting game since its release last September. The problem is that the company expected to sell at least two million copies by this time which sounds a lot from a […] More

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    New Battlefield this year is why Anthem got delayed.

    Last week, a report from Kotaku painted a somewhat troubled picture of development on Anthem, suggesting that the game would be delayed to early 2019. Today, EA have confirmed that Anthem will hit in early 2019 as opposed to its original autumn 2018 release window, but they say it’s not due to any issues with development. […] More

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    Z-NAND SSD is Samsung answer to Intel’s Optane drives

    Samsung have just announced the launch of their first Z-NAND product – their answer to Intel’s 3D XPoint SSD tech and Optane SSDs. The aptly-named Z-SSD SZ985 is an 800GB SSD that offers lightning-fast read performance, durability, and low latency. Samsung are a choice pick for your upcoming gaming SSD system and their 850 Evo […] More

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    Fans are remaking P.T and it looks Gorgeous

    P.T has to be one of the greatest surprise in the history of Video game promotion, until the actual game was canned and the teaser was removed from the store and it’s whole existence was thrown into a Black hole never to be remembered. Although there are some methods that you can use to get […] More

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