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    Here’s everything coming in Overwatch Year of the Dog event

    It looks like the Blizzard is having a lot of fun teasing Overwatch Fans with what’s to come in the new update. In a new developer update video, Jeff Kaplan the lead designer of Overwatch has confirmed that the studio will launch a new map that will be based in Thailand. According to Jeff, the […] More

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    God Of War Dualshock 4 Leaked???

    The image you are seeing above may actually be of the God of War Dualshock 4, according to a reddit user he ordered a silver DualShock 4 and got this one instead, Now when i first this my first guess was that this could very well be a fake with just a sticker attached to […] More

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    A Co-op feature was planned for Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Horizon Zero Dawn is still one of the most visually impressive games of 2017, The game had an amazing Single player Campaign with a Female lead and a lot big robot beasts to slay, one thing it didn’t have was Co-op. But believe it or not the game once had a Co-op in development for […] More

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    DayZ coming to Xbox Game Preview, Ps4 version planned.

    Thanks to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Preview, Undead open-world survival hit DayZ will finally be coming to Xbox One this year. The team also confirmed that a PS4 version of the game is in the pipeline, although doesn’t know when it’ll see the light of day Since the Pc version is in Early access since 2013 once it […] More

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    Rumor: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is this year’s COD

    We all know that this year Treyarch is handling Call of Duty and so it’s probably no surprise to learn that rumours are pegging the identity of the project as none other than Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. According to industry tipster, Marcus Sellars  it’ll also hit the Switch in addition to PS4, PC, and Xbox One. […] More

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