VR Figure From Shining: Kirika Towa Alma Launches Summer In Japan

Game company SEGA recently announced that VR Figure from Shining: Kirika Towa Alma will launch this coming summer in Japan.

VR Figure from Shining: Kirika Towa Alma coming soon

SEGA recently revealed that the VR game will be coming to the PlayStation VR. It will be available via the PlayStation Store this coming summer in Japan.

Shining 03

Figure viewing and even viewing modes

The official Japanese website revealed two modes for the VR game. In Figure Viewing Mode, players will be able to view Kirika from different angels. They can also view the townscape with her as they stroll around.

Shining 02

Even Viewing Mode is a bonus mode for the VR game. This mode will enable users to view Kirika’s date events, which got reproduced in virtual reality.


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