PS4 Exclusive Record of Grancrest War Gets First Gameplay Trailer Showing a Battle

Today Bandai Namco Entertainment released the first gameplay trailer of the recently-announced Record of Grancrest War, inspired by the anime of the same name.

While the game is a tactical JRPG; we get to see that the battle is actually more akin to RTS mechanics, even if the speed of the action is actually slowed down to give players more time to decide their strategy.

Of course, we get to see the main characters from the anime, and while the visuals may be a bit rough, the gameplay definitely looks intriguing.

You can check it out below and see for yourself. If you want to read more about the gameplay systems an see a batch of screenshots, you can also enjoy another article from about a month ago.

Record of Grancrest War will release in Japan on June 14th exclusively for PS4. At the moment there is no announcement of any release for the west or even for the Asian market.


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