Nintendo Switch Passes Four Million Units Sold in Japan in Thirteen Months

Today’s Media Create chart marks a new sales milestone for the Nintendo Switch in Japan, that has now passed four million units sold-through to customers in the country.

To be more precise, combining the latest weekly numbers with historical data, the Switch is currently estimated to be at 4,036,797 units that have found a warm and loving Japanese home as of April 8th.

What makes this most impressive is that this result was achieved in a little over eleven months.

On the other hand, the Switch’s most direct local competitor, the PS4, is currently estimated to have sold-through to customers 6,626,656 in Japan. By comparison, this was achieved in a little less than 38 months, but it’s worth mentioning that compared to the Switch the PS4 had a much weaker start due to a limited games lineup unappealing to the Japanese audience, and extensive lingering PS3 support from developers which slowed down early adoption.

It’ll be interesting to see if Nintendo’s hybrid console will manage to catch up to the rival before this generation draws to an end. The rate at which it has been closing the gap slowed down over the past few months, but the gap is indeed gradually closing.

The console is now readily available to customers in Japan, after the first year in which there have been extended periods in which offer did not match demand.

The Switch is not the only Nintendo console that celebrated a sales milestone in Japan recently, as the 3DS passed 24 million units sold-through to customers last week.


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