Marvel’s Spider-Man Devs Talk Peter Parker Gameplay, Time of Day Change, and More

Following the latest reveal a few days ago, Insomniac Games has been providing interesting snippets of information on its upcoming Marvel’s Spider-man on Twitter.

This time around, we hear that we’ll be able to play as Peter Parker at certain points in the story. Asked whether that’s a lot of moments, Insomniac responded that “a lot” could mean different things to different people, but it happens when the story calls for it.

One of the funny elements in video games (and many forms of media) is that characters never change their outfits, but we learn that Peter will actually wear different clothes on different days (like a normal human being with any realistic notion of personal hygiene).

We also hear that the newer footage is more representative of the in-game UI compared to older clips showcased at E3.

Speaking of gameplay, we hear that you can sprint by pressing R2 on the DualShock 4, while story-wise, the purpose of the white spider in Spider-man’s “advanced” suit is “probably something you’ll find out when you play.”

Interestingly, we also get a mention of how the time of day works in the game.

“We control the time of day and we change it depending on the story and the mission. This gives us much more control over the lighting, which looks amazing – and story continuity”

If you want to read more, you can check out the developers’ comments on PS4 Pro support, and unlocking pre-order bonus items in-game.

Marvel’s Spider-man launches on on September 7th, exclusively for PS4. You can also currently pre-order the game on Amazon.

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