Jump on a Kooky Chocobo With Twitch Prime in Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Today

What’s your favorite color of chocobo in Final Fantasy? Is it purple? If so, you’re in luck with the new goodies available to you via Twitch Prime — the Kooky Chocobo, which is up for grabs today for Twitch Prime members, is a purple chocobo with crazy googly eyes. It’s awesome and adorable and it needs a good home.

If you’re a Twitch Prime subscriber, you can link your account to Twitch now and get the Kooky Bundle, which comes with the Kooky Chocobo mount, as you can see in action in the video below, and 10,000 gil to help you out as you make your way through Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition.

Noctis and friends’ journey is a harrowing one, so anything to make it a little less frustrating and offer a little more lighthearted fare here and there (like that adorable Chocobo and Moogle Festival a while back) is certainly welcome. And have you ever seen a purple, googly-eyed chocobo? No, you haven’t. This may be the first.

The weird purple chocobo is up for grabs from now through April 21, so if you’re wanting to add it to your stores, you’ll want to act fast. Don’t forget about this Twitch Prime benefit. It’s pretty kooky, wouldn’t you agree?


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