Compile Heart’s “Final Weapon” Tease Is Actually a Virtual Youtuber Designed by Neptunia Artist

Yesterday Compile Heart teased something in with a new website, defining it its “final weapon,” and everyone pretty much assumed that it was a game. Well, it isn’t.

The new project is actually a “virtual YouTuber” named Ileheart, created in collaboration with Tokyo-based CG production studio Moldworks, and designed by Hyperdimension Neptunia series artist Tsunako.

Funnily, she is voiced by President Norihisa “Red Glasses” Kochiwa, presumably via a voice-alteration program. It’s likely that this is the project marked “?????” in the recent tease by the company, that included five JRPGs.

This comes at the cusp of the popularity of the Japanese virtual YouTuber trend heralded by Kizuna Ai, that is popping up on merchandise all over the country, including apparel and even figures (and I’d be surprised if she didn’t get her own game sooner or later).

You can check out the video below, and see if you find Ileheart alluring, at least until you remember who is actually hiding behind that cute voices.

Today isn’t April 1st, Compile Heart, come on…


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