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Monster Hunter World Performs Better On Ps4, Xbox One version struggles


Selling over 5 Million copies in just a week, Monster Hunter: World has qualified itself to be a major success for Capcom. Although it’s no hidden fact that those who chose to buy the Xbox One version of the game are having a really bad time compared to those that bought the Ps4 version.

The game is not a, grab some weapon and start charging at a monster for loot. The game requires you to plan your attacks and if you are playing with a friend the game becomes more fun because you have to coordinate your and your friend every step, and once you finally slay the beast that is 10x time larger than you, it’s so much satisfying.

Because the game requires you to team up with a friend, if you really want to enjoy the game to it’s fullest, the Ps4 owners were able to team up with friends since day one without any problem. But Xbox One players were forced to wait a week to enjoy that feature of the game. When the game launched features such as “Matchmake,” “Online Session,” “Join a Quest,” and “Respond to SOS” were all disabled. Even if you try to connect to Online, you would be greeted with a “sessions found” message. So a game that encourages you to play with friends became a Single player experience for Xbox One owners during launch. Because of this issue, Microsoft and Capcom released a quick patch to fix the game issue but some players still reporting having issue connecting with the game online component.

All these issues could have been avoided if a beta was offered to the Xbox One users since PS4 owners were allowed to test three different online demos before the game release, and this data helped Capcom fix the online issue PS4 had during beta. Even though the Online issues have now been fixed still the Ps4 version has some benefits over the Xbox One version, In-game exclusivity items grants Ps4 owners a Horizon Zero Dawn style robotic Palico, Another quest that will soon come will grant Ps4 owners the ability to dress their hunters like Aloy from the same game. Whereas costumes by other Capcom games will be available to both Ps4 and Xbox one owners.

Putting aside the cosmetic items, According to Digital Foundry, the game performs slightly better on Ps4 too. While the Pro and X version performs the same, it’s the base Ps4 version that outperforms the base Xbox One version in all tests No surprise here since the game was officially teased on Sony’s E3 back in 2017. This may be due in part to the financial relationship Sony and Capcom have (Sony helped pay for Street Fighter 5, which is why it’s a PS4 console exclusive), the two companies have a long history of working together, and there’s probably more at play here than just money.

Here’s hoping that the PC version of the game will be well optimized and playable during launch.

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