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Hitman: 2 Games and a TV series by John Wick creator in development

After separating from publisher Square Enix, IO Interactive had to keep the popular Hitman franchise alive and from recent reports it looks like the franchise is developing across various media.Not only is IO Interactive working on two separate Hitman Projects, A TV series by the creators of John Wick is in works

A report from Deadline suggests that the show is being produced in a collaboration between Fox 21 and Hulu, A pilot script is being written by John Wick creator and writer Derek Kolstad, who will also serve as executive producer alongside Adrian Askarieh and Chuck Gordon.

The report also says that “two more Hitman games are in development,” and it’s not entirely clear what that means. If we are to guess, I’d imagine a Hitman Season 2 alongside the development of whatever’s next.

Whatever it may be one thing is for sure that after parting away from Square Enix hasn’t been too damaging for the newly independent developers, since they’ve clearly got interest from outside the game industry and enough confidence to keep building new Hitman stuff.

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