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Here’s why Video Games should be the future of education.

For decades we have seen parents constantly forcing their children to focus more on books instead of being on the computers and smart phones, what most of them don’t realize is that as the technology and time has expanded its horizons. Media and mass-communication has become a huge medium of learning in modern education .

Yes it’s true and here’s why i think Video Games has taken over teaching in modern education.

Video games help tackle the Boredom Paradox

The traditional classrooms lack the interest of children these days it’s the same boring day with a teacher standing in front of them delivering lectures, while they are meant to keep their heads on books and pretend to focus on the subject at hand. Being a different individual, every student is not susceptible to be adaptive and might get left behind on something as the teacher has to focus on the entire class. The possibilities for getting distracted midway is far more than usual.

On the contrary video games tend to be more engaging and instead of providing information on extended period of class; games provide small pieces of information on relevant levels which maintains the amount of focus on things one at a time and enhances their ability of learning something very important in a short period of time. Plus with interactive imagery and the reward of completing a task makes it more engaging compared to staring at a book.

Educational impacts of games:

In the early years of 1978, a research was conducted relating video games to the motivational effects involved in learning as well as their cognitive potential. As video games spread in the 1980s, the research became more diversified. The findings showed that the visual and motor coordination of gamers was better than that of non-gamers. Initial research also indicated the importance of electronic games for children who proved to have difficulty learning basic subjects and skills. It also found that:

  • Video games helped students to identify and attempt to correct their deficiencies.
  • The adaptability of video games, and the control that players have over them, motivate and stimulate learning.
  • In cases where students have difficulty concentrating, video games can be highly useful.
  • The instant feedback given by video games helps arouse curiosity and in turn allows for greater chances of learning.

Games of different types have shown to improve different abilities and impact different centers of weaknesses in individuals. Attempts have been made to show that arcade style action games have increased the motor brain co-ordination among the players as well as manual skills and reflexes.

Some examples:

The Sims, The Civilization, Minecraft, Uncharted, Portal and Fortnite just to name a few.

Video games in classrooms:

Some teachers have tried to incorporate video games in classrooms to help benefit younger children to enhance their interactive and motor skills. The whole point of doing it is to prove that educational games enhance the learning process while making it fun for the kids.

Even Microsoft has launched project Minecraft: Education edition, which is a special version of Minecraft. The build will help young minds learn how to Code, Construct and Build using minecraft as a platform.

Video games are inherently incentive-based systems with the player being rewarded for solving a problem or completing a mission, while meeting certain criteria. Every game has some form of rewards system, whether it is based on points, achievements, character/weapon advancement, unlocking new material, or simply moving to the next level. Video games also enhance reaction-based skills by providing the element of the unknown, which makes the player react naturally. Games can constantly and automatically assess the learner’s ability at any given moment due to the software-based nature of the medium; modular education structures tend to deliver assessments in large chunks and present a relatively limited picture of student progress.




Video games should be considered important for the modern learning process, numerous people have their own objections to it for being violent but maybe in the near future modern open minded societies and developed countries will add video games in their curriculum for the sole purpose of enhancing the abilities of their students but for now it is a topic of open criticism and debate.

No matter how much we all want this day to come and are eagerly waiting for this development to take place in this Country, we should never neglect the importance of traditional educational system as it has always been the part of our lives since its inception.

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