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Here’s how to get all the epic new equipments in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

Released in early 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn has proved to be a huge success for the PlayStation 4. With the launch of it’s newest expansion The Frozen Wilds gives you a new region “Banuk” to explore, machines to slay and loot. With that loot you get new weapons and outfits.Now you need more than just machine components and metal shards to craft new weapons. Don’t worry because we have the details on how to do it

Time to complete all these quests

Once you step into Banuk Lands, and have watched the cinematic cutscene, the first thing to greet you there is a trader. You have the option to sell him any extra gear that is no use to you and is just resting in your inventory, but the goods he is offering are the one you want the most. The trader has new outfits, and three bows that i know you want badly in your inventory.

But wait, It’s not that easy. Even if you manage to have 99x amount of shards and components, it won’t be enough to purchase the equipments because with the new DLC came a new currency. Bluegleam. Bluegleam is like Rust that grows on the bodies of the oldest machines. Now to obtains this new resource you have to complete quests or find natural reservoirs.

By completing quests you are rewarded with one to seven bluegleams. We know you want more than that and here’s another way of farming bluegleams if you are not into completing quests but want to get all those bows.

Bluegleam, Bluegleam everywhere

On the other side of the mountain their a specialty trader that will trade you maps of collectibles, one of those maps is a Bluegleam deposit map. Now to obtain that map all you’ll need is a goatskin and  a badger bone  to trade. Lucky for you these animals are common on the mountain so it won’t take you that long

Once you have the map, you’re one step closer to that bluegleam deposit. Just like the main game you”ll get a general area that you can use to harvest stuff. Since the quests only offer you a limited amount of bluegleam your only other option is to hunt down if you ever want to acquire every piece of new equipment.

Want to modify your spear? here’s a quest for you

While traders can offer you bows and new outfits, you still have to modify items to make them more powerful.Even if you beat the game you still get a quest called”A Secret Shard” that will send you to the very top of the map, where you have to hunt through an old drone hanger for specific parts. There you need to find a rail that can be attached to your spear.

Your new modified spear is now more deadly than it had been up until this point. You will have to go deep into the hanger to find a rail inside a drone, that’s the whole point of the quest. Once you return and speak to Kamut you will be granted to modify the spear for the first time.

Is all the grind for the new loot worth it?

The new DLC offers you a place where machines are more powerful and corrupted than the ones you have seen before, having the right weapon with you helps getting the job done. While it’s not easy to obtain the new weapons still they are worth every bluegleam that you are going to spend.

The weapons are designed to take down the new machines and comparing them to the old weapons makes a huge difference when it comes to damage.

Our recommendation is that you use the “Shield Weaver” armor that can be found in the bunker in the main game. After that your best outfit problem is gone.

The Frozen land expansion manages to add a lot of great content into an already amazing game. The expansion gives player a lot of stuff to do in game. With new bows, Outfits and modifying your spear for the first time. It’s all we could ask for and Guerrilla Games managed to deliver.

So are you playing The Frozen Wilds? Let us know in the comments below!

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