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Here’s everything that has leaked about Shadow of the Tomb Raider so far.

That’s a lot of details

Today is a good day for Lara Croft fans as the rumoured “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” title has been confirmed to be true. Now we not only have a confirmed name or Logo but a Trailer, setting and a reveal date for the game:

The footage is blurry and off-screen. Our guess is that the video was screened during the international showing of the new Tomb Raider movie.

The video clearly shows an Aztec temple and some guns being wielded. Dual Pistols I’m looking at you. Just your normal Tomb Raider stuff. Expect an HD version of the trailer tomorrow.

Special thanks to Nibel and Omel for mining the website for information, discovering the SOTTR release to be on September 14.

Another good news over here is that the game will not have Platform exclusivity this time and a more in-depth reveal is scheduled for April 27

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