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Here’s everything coming in Overwatch Year of the Dog event

This is how you handle updates “Bungie”

It looks like the Blizzard is having a lot of fun teasing Overwatch Fans with what’s to come in the new update. In a new developer update video, Jeff Kaplan the lead designer of Overwatch has confirmed that the studio will launch a new map that will be based in Thailand.

According to Jeff, the map that is being called Ayutthaya will be used for CTF matches and will have both ancient and modern flavors. Speaking of CTF, Blizzard has done a bit of research with the game mode and now instead of draws, sudden death mechanic will be used.

Because of this, flags will now move to center of the map allowing either team to score the winning point. In addition grabbing the flag is now instant but don’t use certain abilities while holding the flag because you might drop it. Don’t worry on abilities that boost mobility or activate invulnerability such as Winston leap or Tracer Phasing will drop the flag

Last but not least the new update will also bring six new legendary skins and 50 extra seasonal

Finally, Kaplan revealed that the developer will roll out six new legendary skins and over 50 extra seasonal items during the event, the option to change your character’s skin at the start of a match. The Year of the Dog is scheduled to kick off on February 8.

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