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Hanzo almost had an ability that could pierce shields

As if his Scatter isn’t annoying enough.

It’s no big secret that Blizzard is hard at work on an upcoming Hanzo rework but what we were not aware of was that the team planned to replace his Scatter with a Sheild piercing arrow.

Recently on the Overwatch forums Principal designer Geoff Goodman, answered some questions and in it, he said the process wasn’t far enough along to reveal anything concrete, he could explain a few of the potential changes that have already been abandoned. One of the said Changes were going to be called Piercing Arrow, which was going to replace scatter arrow. The piercing arrow was going to be an extremely fast projectile that was capable of piercing shields.

The whole point of doing this was to give Hanzo some extra potential but in the end, the idea was scrapped because that would’ve defeated the whole purpose of using a tank like Reinhardt knowing full well that Hanzo can easily break your shield.

On a lighter note Goodman points out that they tried tweaking the Scatter too and the only successful version was where:

“It had a very fast projectile speed, could only ricochet one time, could no longer split off the floor, and had a much tighter spread.”

But this was abandoned too because it would’ve become difficult to use in many areas of the maps. Blizzard also tested the possibility of adding a skill to Hanzo’s reload button, which would sacrifice a few seconds of normal shots to forcibly reload a special arrow.

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