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God Of War Dualshock 4 Leaked???

Forged by the Dwarven blacksmiths

The image you are seeing above may actually be of the God of War Dualshock 4, according to a reddit user he ordered a silver DualShock 4 and got this one instead, Now when i first this my first guess was that this could very well be a fake with just a sticker attached to it but the symbol on the controller matches with the symbol we get on the God of War SteelBook Case.

This could very well be a fake but to be honest with you guys, i don’t think a reddit user will go that far to create a fake. Plus this year DS4 special editions have been lacking compared to Xbox Sea of thieves or Crackdown Controllers.

With the game launching on April 20, we might finally get an answer.

What do you think?

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