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Fans are remaking P.T and it looks Gorgeous

P.T has to be one of the greatest surprise in the history of Video game promotion, until the actual game was canned and the teaser was removed from the store and it’s whole existence was thrown into a Black hole never to be remembered. Although there are some methods that you can use to get P.T back on your PS4, but we don’t recommend  them as they might just end up bricking your console. What we can recommend are some fan made remakes that will do the job of reminding people how great the game was going to be until Konami fired Kojima and started focusing more on Pachinko machines.


The first remakes can be found on GameJolt, by SmoggyChips called “Corridors”  which is described as an “early access” remake with many twists and “turns”, no pun intended.
But the one that caught our attention the most that really put a lot of effort into extracting all the assets from the Original and re purpose them in Unreal Engine 4 going as far as to ripping the sounds and texture maps is by LinusPixel Reddit, You can download the playable teaser for this Playable Teaser remake here.
It’s actually quite surprising that P.T that was meant to be just a teaser for cancelled “Silent Hills” had such a fan following that fans are putting a lot of effort into remaking it. There are other projects siilar to this that just faded away because of not much to “explore” but plenty have reached the finish line, too, so keep an eye out, fans. If you find any then let us know.
And don’t worry about Kojima, he’s already working on something far more confusing and scary.

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