During a conference at UBS Global Technology, Blake Jorgenson the CFO of EA spoke about the company’s goals regarding the recently debated monetization and live services.

According to GamesIndustry.biz, EA’s focus is on live service games, which extend potential consumer spending far beyond the flat subscription fee. That’s what Jorgenson refers to as ‘uncapped’ subscriptions,

“Give people a way to spend money on things they want to do and that they enjoy doing vs simply capping them at $9 or $10 per month and that’s all they can ever spend,” says Jorgenson. “We find people play twice as many games, they spend twice as long on them, and they spend twice as much money, because you’ve reduced the cost of trial to close to zero.”

What this means is, EA will charge you a small fee up front similar to what Xbox Game Pass but the only catch is they will continue to monetize through the live services on their games with battlepacks in Star wars and Ultimate teams in Fifa and Madden.

“It’s a great consumer offering, but it’s also for us a much more stable business, an easier business for us to run long-term and doesn’t have the same limited cap that most subscriptions would have.” -Jorgenson

He also mentions that EA is focusing less on new titles and more about generating revenue from games that support reoccurring spendings. Even after the public outcry over Battlefront 2’s monetization, EA still belives that this is what’s best for gamers.

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