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Dotnod Vampyr needs to sell a million copies to be considered a success, no DLC planned either.

Vampyr is an RPG where you play as a vampire and the universe reacts to your decisions, coming out next year for PS4, Xbox One and PC

President of publishers Focus Home Interactive, Cédric Lagarrigue while speaking with MCV talks about how it’s difficult to make sales forecasts with a new IP, but is quite confident that ” the way the game is being marketed and with the success of Life is Strange”. Vampyr has everything it needs to become a nice surprise on the market.

The way the publishers look at it is,

“it will be considered a success when around a million copies are sold. These are numbers we now reach and exceed regularly with most of our games.”

It sounds quite ambitious for a new IP like Vampyr’s, but being a multi platform release sure is a good sign of the game performing well. Although Focus’s has published games on PC, but Lagarrigue believes

“consoles have actually been weighing more than PC for a few years now. Our PC revenue is constantly increasing, but we now achieve 70 percent of our global revenue on consoles. Our development budgets have increased a lot, and almost all our games are now multi-platform.”

Big publishers are becoming a big addict of adding micro-transactions in their games, which has backfired a lot. But that is not the case with Vampyr:

“This is a purely solo experience; no DLC planned yet. We would prefer, if the reception of the game justifies it, to think about a sequel. We and [developers] Dontnod already have some ideas, as there’s so many incredible things to offer in such a universe.”

You can find out more details about the game by checking it out on its Steam page.

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