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“Dokkaebi” a hacker is the next operator in Rainbow Six Siege’s

Rainbow Six Siege’s seventh expansion “Operation White Noise” will add two new operators from South Korea’s 707th Special Mission Battalion. One of the operater, a hacker named Dokkaebi, was revealed in an official blog post.

The post was later deleted, but YouTuber Coreross got some screengrabs and made a video discussing it.

So far the details we got on this new operate is:

Dokkaebi is White Noise’s attacker, previously described as “stubborn and daring.” Her backstory suggests she was recruited into Rainbow Six after hacking her way into their system to introduce herself. You can see what is presumably her gadget in her art work, which might enable her to hack electronics such as cameras.

The new expansion will be fully revealed on November 19 during the Pro League finals. We have already seen the new map “Mok Myeok Tower”. Perhaps Dokkaebi’s blog post was published prematurely, in which case it may reappear in the coming days. If not, expect a full reveal during that stream.

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