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Detroit: Become Human might get cancelled after studio’s Public Funding Investigation

Let’s just hope this one doesn’t hit the can

Yesterday, Quantic Dream a statement on what they think is a “smear campaign” by media outlets after a lot of allegations were made by a former employee about the studio.

Today well more trouble comes as Paris council issued a hard-hitting document titled ‘On the toxic corporate culture of Quantic Dream‘.

During February 5,6 and 7 under the proposal of Danielle Simmonet from Left Party, the Council Chastised the dreadful photomontages that circulated within the company and if that wasn’t enough they were the Council moved on to the company questionable termination procedure.

The Council is now asking Quantic dream about the amount of money it has received in Public Funding. This will work as a reimbursement clause that if the company fails to respect certain work conditions they might have to pay the funding back which could mean Detroit: become Human may never see the light of day.

Source: Wccftech, They have also posted the entire document  which you can read by click this text

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