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A CRPG by ex-Witcher developers “Seven: the Days Long Gone”

Announced back in August 2015, A bunch of ex Witcher III developers have joined to make an isometric RPG renaissance. Studio Fool’s theory founded by former senior designer who worked on Witcher III “Jakub Rokosz” and “Marcin Przybylowicz”, the composer of Witcher III soundtrack. They just announced that Seven: the Days Long Gone. Has gone gold ahead of its release on December 1.

Marcin soundtrack is also included in the game’s collector’s edition. That will cost you $39.99, whereas the base game will set you back $29.99.

Being set in an post apocalyptic world, full of mysterious, vaguely cyberpunk technology and Dark Age Superstitions. You play as Teriel a master thief with hidden demonic powers, trapped on this prison island after a heist goes wrong. Now you are tasked with unearthing the dark secrets that are hidden on the island and discover a world ending threat.

Head to Seven: the Days Long Gone Steam page to learn more or Visit the website.

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