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Do you consider ‘one-trick’ players toxic in Overwatch?

If you’re not familiar with the term “One-Tricking”, it’s when a player sticks to just One hero no matter what the circumstances are. They don’t switch even when the opposition is beating them and it’s forces the rest of the team to adapt around their play style. This is however not just limited to Overwatch.

This is all started when a user named“XUL” was banned for playing Torbjorn in a competitive match, which was later found out  that he was trolling, but it did start a debate about one-trick players Blizzard responded to the controversy by saying:

sometimes players will need to simply work around a “teammates’ specialization.” Since one-tricking doesn’t officially violate Blizzard’s Code of Conduct, this isn’t technically considered abusive behavior.

In one-trick players defense, they feel attachment and fondness to a specific character, that\s the beauty of the game roster. The has a diversity of design and mechanics plus every hero has a rich backstory. As such it’s easy to feel a connection with a certain hero. Which is why many prefer playing with a certain hero.

Mastering a single hero in Overwatch can take month with each of them having their own set of abilities. Just look at Sombra for an example. Wrapping your head around DPS, Support and tank heroes can take a lot of time. It’s just frustrating.

Characters like Genji, Tracer and Pharah can easily carry the whole match on their own, whereas the player with Bastion is always blamed for the team losing. It’s favoritism and Blizzard is even aware of this and have stated on Twitter that “Playing a certain hero is not against the rules.”

But one thing we need to remember is Overwatch is supposed to be a Team-based game. Pairing Zarya and tracer can proved a unique play. The whole game is based on counter picking, every character is designed to have characters that they are both strong and weak against.

While it’s considered rude, it’s ultimately a fact of the game and community. One-Tricking is here to stay until Blizzard makes an official ruling. So far you just have to be ready to adapt when queuing in Ranked mode.

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