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Dotnod Vampyr needs to sell a million copies to be considered a success, no DLC planned either.

Vampyr is an RPG where you play as a vampire and the universe reacts to your decisions, coming out next year for ... Read more

Microsoft was going to publish Torchlight

Microsoft was really close to publishing Torchlight. The game was greatly discussed with Microsoft, before Perfect world stepped in to publish the ... Read more

“This Land Is My Land” an open-world stealth game that lets you play as a Native American in Wild West.

A newly announced open world western from Game Labs. The game from the screenshots looks amazing so far and it gives a ... Read more

Titanfall Online by Nexon features a cowboy and an adorable cat mech?

EA has partnered with Nexon to release free-to-play version of TitanFall for the Asian markets, particularly South Korea. Nexon has just revealed ... Read more

Discord now lets you join your friends’ games from the app

It’s already possible to see which games your Discord friends are playing within the app via its status feature. and now discord is ... Read more

Interior Night a new narrative-first studio started by Former Quantic Dream devs

A number of former Quantic Dream and Sony developers are starting a new studio under Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls lead game ... Read more

Witcher 3 devs know fans will hate them if they abandon the franchise.

CEO Adam Kiciński has just revealed a few more details about CD Projekt’s future plans An interview with Polish financial site Strefainwestorow, Kiciński ... Read more
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