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After BFII, EA makes changes to NFS:Payback progression system.

After Star Wars Battlefront II Loot box fiasco, EA has made changes to NFS Payback Progression system too. The major criticism the game ... Read more

THQ Nordic insults EA as it buys an indie studio

Experiment 101 has been acquired by THQ Nordic, which mean THQ now owns the BioMutant IP.   After confirming the news on ... Read more

EA is planning to invest on live services and use it to monetize on existing games

During a conference at UBS Global Technology, Blake Jorgenson the CFO of EA spoke about the company’s goals regarding the recently debated monetization and ... Read more

“Dokkaebi” a hacker is the next operator in Rainbow Six Siege’s

Rainbow Six Siege’s seventh expansion “Operation White Noise” will add two new operators from South Korea’s 707th Special Mission Battalion. One of the ... Read more

Hitman: 2 Games and a TV series by John Wick creator in development

After separating from publisher Square Enix, IO Interactive had to keep the popular Hitman franchise alive and from recent reports it looks like the franchise ... Read more

There’s a hidden equation that defines black holes in Death Stranding Dog Tags.

Hideo Kojima recently tweeted a photo of a real-life replica of the oddly-shaped dog tags worn by Norman Reedus’s character shown in early ... Read more

Activision is “very much” interested in making an Overwatch movie

Overwatch became quite popular, One of the reason for that is it roster of characters many of whom got their very own ... Read more

This winter Hunt: Showdown gets several alpha tests – here’s how to sign up

“After initial tests with a very limited amount of players we are planning to invite more and more testers with each phase,” ... Read more

A CRPG by ex-Witcher developers “Seven: the Days Long Gone”

Announced back in August 2015, A bunch of ex Witcher III developers have joined to make an isometric RPG renaissance. Studio Fool’s theory founded by ... Read more

Painkiller is no longer “harmful to young minds”

As a kid growing up, we all have heard the phrase “Violent video games are the reason behind all the death and ... Read more
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