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    Here’s why Pakistan desperately need E-Sports?

    With the advent of the Pakistan Gaming Lounge (PGL) and ESN, Pakistan now has its very own online servers dedicated to promoting and organizing E-Sport within the country. It features many international tournaments, discussion polls, guidelines, and much resourceful information for the gaming community.  This offers a unique platform to the country’s gaming community to socialize […] More

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    Why Xbox One X is a future proof investment for Pakistani gamers.

    This new console with 40% more power compared to it’s competition provides us with true 4K gaming experience. But is it good enough for Pakistani gamers? Well lets find out: Providing the best performance money can buy Back in the day Pakistani gamers were thankful enough to have a rig powerful enough to play their favorite game, […] More

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    Do you consider ‘one-trick’ players toxic in Overwatch?

    If you’re not familiar with the term “One-Tricking”, it’s when a player sticks to just One hero no matter what the circumstances are. They don’t switch even when the opposition is beating them and it’s forces the rest of the team to adapt around their play style. This is however not just limited to Overwatch. […] More

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    Impact of Japan on the gaming industry.

    Space Invaders being the very first game made by Japan which started the craze for gaming, because of its simple nature of playing and no complexities which included only shooting the descending aliens. It quickly became a smash hit and by the end of 1978, Taito had made $600 million in Japan and installed 100,000 […] More

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    Here’s why Video Games should be the future of education.

    For decades we have seen parents constantly forcing their children to focus more on books instead of being on the computers and smart phones, what most of them don’t realize is that as the technology and time has expanded its horizons. Media and mass-communication has become a huge medium of learning in modern education . […] More

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