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5 Bad Video Games That Might Get A Sequel.

If you thought 2016 was a bad year for video games, think again. Now i know the whole process of making a video game takes a lot of time and effort. Their are a ton of bugs and the tag “Please all” has a big weight on a developer shoulder. Because of that a lot of bad decisions are made that ends up hurting both the fans and developers. Some Video games manage to keep on going because of big budgets but some goes forgotten with time.

Here’s a list of 5 Bad Video Games That Might Get A Sequel.

5.Saints Row

Saints Row was a great “parody” of GTA. Probably the only game that got away with making fun of other game mechanics like how Mass effect handles Relationships, how MGS and Splinter Cell handles Stealth ,Streets of Rage, Various text-based adventures by god the game had managed to push every button right. What could possibly go wrong?

Well Volition came up with an idea that, their will be no more Saint Row instead they were working on a completely new project in the Saints Row universe with a new cast.

Fans clearly hoped that it would still be a fun game because

A) It’s in the Saints Row Universe

B) Deep Silver is Publishing it.

Come launch the worst happened, as it turned out the game was filled with RNG number-grinds, generic upgrades and shitty characters. It was so bad that even the inclusion of Johnny Gat was not enough to bring the fans back to the game. In the end the game was a commercial flop.

4.Shadow Of Mordor/War

Shadow of Mordor was a great step in the LOTR Universe, it was all combat and rich story for gamers and because of that we expected the same or even better from the sequel. Well little did we know at that time what Shadow of War was turning up to be.

The sequel was basically a “Slot Machine”, everything good about it was locked behind “Loot boxes”. Oh you want a big Orc to protect your fort? Well you better get in the Loot-box line. Seriously whoever made the market place orc rub his hand together while asking you to buy one of those loot boxes is a Austin Power Villain level of genius. The game goes from “Damn this looks fun” to “Oh wait i have to pay money to get better orcs” real quick.

Let’s just hope after this fiasco we even get a sequel because this was really really big step in bad direction.

3.Need For Speed

Ok this one did look a lot promising back when it was revealed. The gameplay looked a lot like “Burnout” and “Fast and Furious”. The talent behind the game had a lot of expereince in arcade racing genre so it’s can’t go wrong. Right?

Well play it if you really want to expereince what a “Pay-to-Win” game looks like. Everything is locked behind loot-boxes. Yes, even the customization of your car depends on RNG Loot boxes.

The Story is cringeworthy and kinda similar to NFS 2015 “Bae Simulator”, the charcaters are not relatable in anyway and if that wasn’t bad enough, the Battlefront 2’s microtransaction controversy made it even worse for NFS to sell because of being a EA property.

Here’s hoping it might get a second chances but in a world dominated by “Forza” and “GT Sport” i don’t think we will ever miss NFS.


Last year the only Halo we got was an RTS and sadly even that didn’t managed to perform as well as the 1st one in terms of sale. Managing to sell about 105k in it’s first week compared to 1 Million copies the first one sold. Halo 5 also holds the title of the worst selling numbered installment so far.

Master Cheif collection also happened to have it’s own bugs and glitches that made it unplayable. We are talking about a franchise that upon it’s third instalment release completely shut down Times Square. All because the multiplayer was fun and every developer at that time wanted to be what Bungie was.

With the introduction of Loot boxes in Halo 5 it felt like Microsoft at this point is just milking the franchise for every last drop with the Tv show still in development hell, Only time will tell if we ever get another Halo.

1.Mass Effect

Just the announcment of Andromeda being a new story that has nothing to do with C.Shepard gave a lot of fans chills. A lot of questions were raised with this decision. No Game demo or trailers were showed instead all we got was a 4K tech demo. If this wasn’t bad enough

When the game was finally released it was quite shocking to see it filled up with broken and buggy combat, the animations were unfinished, all in all the game was not polished. It was a total nightmare for both gamers and developers.

The Script was just the basic “Good vs Evil” without any twists. Why was the game released in such a broken state you ask? Well it turned out the whole team working on the game were mortal enemies of each other and the only thing that was focused on was the multiplayer. Why? Well MICROTRANSACTIONS! that’s why.

Since Bioware has sifted focused on another game the future of another effect looks slims.

Disagree with our picks let us know your pick in the comments down below.

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